Below are links to our annual Shareholder Advocacy Reports. These reports outline many of the important actions taken by Harrington Investments, Inc. (HII) to promote corporate, social and environmental responsibility. It is important to keep in mind that there is no “perfect” or “pure” corporation. However, there remains room for improvement even among companies that pass our social and environmental screens.

Something unique to HII’s shareholder advocacy program is that we not only introduce resolutions at HII screened portfolio companies held in client accounts, but we also go after companies with particularly egregious policies that do not pass our social criteria. We do this by buying a minimal number of shares in target companies and hold them in our own account. This allows us to initiate corporate campaigns on specific issues and come up with innovative resolutions to challenge corporate management. Often, the first challenge is to write a resolution that will stand up to the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) scrutiny in order to circumvent corporate management’s attempts to have it omitted from the corporation’s proxy material.

Shareholder Advocacy Report 2010/2011
Shareholder Advocacy Report 2009/2010
Shareholder Advocacy Report 2008/2009