RESOLVED:  Amend Article IV of the bylaws to add a new section as follows:

Board Committee on Sustainability:

A) There is established a Board Committee on Sustainability. The committee is authorized to address corporate policies, above and beyond matters of legal compliance, in order to ensure our corporation’s sustained viability. The committee shall strive to enhance shareholder value by responding to changing conditions and knowledge of the natural environment, including but not limited to, natural resource limitations, energy use, waste disposal, and climate change.

B)  The Board of Directors is authorized in its discretion, consistent with these Bylaws and applicable law to: (1) select the members of the Board Committee on Sustainability, (2) provide said committee with funds for operating expenses, (3) adopt regulations or guidelines to govern said Committee’s operations, (4) empower said Committee to solicit public input and to issue periodic reports to shareholders and the public, at reasonable expense and excluding confidential information, on the Committee’s activities, findings and recommendations, and (5) adopt any other measures within the Board’s discretion consistent with these Bylaws and applicable law.

C) Nothing herein shall restrict the power of the Board of Directors to manage the business and affairs of the company. The Board Committee on Sustainability shall not incur any costs to the company except as authorized by the Board of Directors.

Supporting Statement

The committee would be authorized to initiate, review, and make policy recommendations regarding the company’s preparation to adapt to changes in marketplace and environmental conditions that may affect the sustainability of our business.  Issues related to sustainability might include, but are not limited to: global climate change, political instability, emerging concerns regarding toxicity of materials, resource shortages, and biodiversity loss.

Adoption of this resolution would reinforce our company’s position as an industry leader in this area of increasing concern to investors and policy makers.