Whereas, Hewlett-Packard is one of the largest technology companies in the world with over 317,000 employees worldwide, generating revenues of $112 billion in 2013. Hewlett-Packard’s product portfolio consists of consumer PC’s, tablets, commercial printer hardware and security intelligence/risk management solutions. The company’s brand is known worldwide.


Whereas, as a global corporation, Hewlett-Packard faces increasingly complex problems as the international, social, and cultural context within which HP operates changes. Companies face ethical and legal challenges arising from diverse cultural, political and economic contexts in countries in which HP operates such as China, Colombia, Philippines, Russia, Syria and Israel and the Occupied Palestinian territories, for example.

Whereas, we believe that societal unrest and conflict in countries where Hewlett Packard does business will continue, if not intensify. The Arab Spring has led to increased volatility in the Middle East, and other regions are not immune: witness Russian and Ukraine or China and Hong Kong as examples. Governments and/or militaries will be involved in this unrest and conflict either by initiating or responding with violence, repressive actions and/or population control measures against civilian populations. With the nature of Hewlett-Packard’s products and services, there is a distinct possibility that, despite HP’s best intentions and efforts, its equipment or other products will be used in controversial actions raising serious human rights and ethical concerns.


Resolved, that the shareholders request the Board of Directors to provide a comprehensive report on Hewlett-Packard’s sales of products and services to the military, police and intelligence agencies of foreign countries. The report should be available to all shareholders within six months of the 2015 annual meeting, may omit classified and proprietary information, and be prepared at reasonable cost.


Supporting Statement


We believe that doing business in countries and regions marked by conflict and social unrest can expose our company to reputational risks, public campaigns, consumer boycotts and possible divestment. We believe shareholders should have access to information about the criteria used by our company to accept contracts with the military, police and intelligence agencies of foreign countries. This report will help shareholders make more rational assessments of the company’s business in foreign countries, and whether its policies and procedures are sufficient to prevent adverse revelations.


We urge you to vote your proxies in favor of this resolution.