Maybe we should take politics out of the corporations entirely.  We only need to ignore these facts: Corporations are the creation of the state and a social institution authorized to do business by government. Corporations continue to dominate the electoral process by sending hundreds of millions of dollars to buy politicians to do their bidding, and these same corporations spend millions on lobbying our elected and appointed officials.

We also need to ignore the revolving door, where many of our government officials and regulators are former corporate employees or executives. But most of all, we should ignore the fact that most of this corporate money spent to influence government, comes out of the shareholders’ pockets.

It is outrageous that shareholders, as the legal owners of corporations, should even be allowed to participate in a shareholders meeting or cast a vote.  Corporations should be run by self-selected, self-nominated, and self-compensated directors.

John Harrington

Link to the WSJ Article, Getting the Politics Out of Proxy Season

Getting the Politics Out of Proxy Season

Time for the SEC to rethink a policy from the days of 1970s protests.

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