The Financial CHOICE Act – H.R.10

By John C. Harrington

For over forty years, beginning with South Africa and the Vietnam conflict, John Harrington, and later, Harrington Investments (HII), has been able to voice opposition to apartheid, human rights abuses, war and weapons manufacturers at shareholder meetings, often filing resolutions as the only legal means to raise serious policy issues on corporate social injury.

In 2017, following the election of Donald J. Trump and Republican majorities in both houses of Congress, corporations, represented by the Chamber of Commerce and Business Roundtable, are attempting to virtually eliminate shareholder or stakeholder rights to introduce resolutions to challenge corporate managements’ violation of human rights, protect the environment on climate change and prevent corporate crime or governance abuse by self-nominated and excessively compensated CEOs and directors.

HII has joined other stakeholders nationally to argue in Congress and before the SEC to maintain the capability to continue to confront egregious corporate conduct and social injury. We will continue to socially screen investment portfolios, engage in shareholder advocacy, vote stock proxies and invest to maximize financial and social performance for our clients. If we lose the right as a small owner of stock to raise serious policy objections to corporate abuse, we reserve the right to use other means to challenge corporate management as stakeholders.


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