John Harrington, PhD is President of Harrington Investments, Inc. Mr. Harrington has a BA degree in Political Science from Sonoma State University and has studied graduate economics at Sacramento State University, University of California Los Angeles, and the University of York, England.

John received his MA degree in Humanities from Dominican University. His master’s thesis was entitled “The Morality of Materialistic Self-Interest: The Corporation and the State”. In 2007, he received the Sonoma State University ‘Distinguished Alumni’ award. John was awarded a PhD in Philosophy at the Centre for Moral, Social and Political Theory, The Australian National University (ANU) for his dissertation entitled “The Failure to Constrain Corporate Social Injury, The State, the Stakeholder and the Fiduciary.”

Over the years John has held several NASD licenses, including Series 6, 7, 24, 26, and 63. He is the author of Investing With Your Conscience: How to Achieve High Returns Using Socially Responsible Investing (John Wiley & Sons, 1992) and The Challenge to Power: Money, Investing and Democracy (Chelsea Green Publishing, 2005).

Mr. Harrington’s current affiliations and positions include:

  • Board Member, Scott Raymond Evans Foundation
  • Member of Green Century President’s Circle
  • Board Member & Treasurer, Community Development Finance
  • Board Member & Owner, Capra Press

Former affiliations and positions include:

  • Manager of Community Commercial Ventures, LLC
  • Board Member & Treasurer, Global Exchange
  • Board Member, Corporate Accountability International
  • Board Member, Eleos Foundation
  • President & Chairman of the Board, Working Assets Management Company
  • Advisory Board Member, The Rose Foundation
  • Chairman of the Board, Progressive Asset Management
  • Chairman, California Governor’s Public Investment Task Force
  • Advisory Board Member, Women for Women International
  • Member, Sacramento Board of Administration, Investment and Fiscal Management
  • Consultant, California State Senate Select Committee on Investment Priorities & Objectives
  • Consultant, Senate Committee on Energy & Public Utilities, California Legislature
  • Consultant, California State & Consumer Services Agency
  • Statewide Political Coordinator, California Council of Service Employees, SEIU, AFL-CIO
  • Chair, N. CA Support Association for the Ecumenical Development Cooperative Society
  • Vice Chair, Board of Directors, Filipino-American Chamber of Commerce of San Francisco
  • Board Member, Northern California Community Loan Fund
  • Co-Chair, KPFA Radio Capital Campaign
  • Board Member & Treasurer, Collective Heritage Institute (Bioneers)
  • Board Member, Mountain Lion Foundation
  • Board Member, Treasurer and Audit Committee Chair, Pesticide Action Network
  • Board Member & Treasurer, The Land Trust of Napa County
  • Board Member, Light Index Investment Company
  • Manager, Global Partners, LLC
  • Board Member, Waterhealth International
  • Board Member, Preservation Napa Valley

Bank of America 2017

One of the first shareholder meetings I attended in the early 1970s was Bank of America (BAC), then led by A.W. Clausen, who in responding to my question about the bank’s loan to the South African government, said that BAC would make loans to “any credit worthy...

Bank of Nova Scotia 2017

HII, which holds stock in the Bank of Nova Scotia (Scotiabank)(BNS), was shocked to find a report on the Internet by Food and Water Watch identifying the bank as one of 38 large banks and financial institutions participating in a $2.5 billion dollar consortium loan to...

Citigroup 2017

Ever since the beginning of the financial crisis and Great Recession, we have consistently raised ethical and corporate governance issues with Citigroup (C). Citigroup, since 2010, has paid over $15 billion in penalties for everything from toxic security abuses to...

Wells Fargo 2017

UPDATE - Harrington Investments In the News! Wells Fargo (WFC) has been perceived by many as mostly avoiding large fines, penalties, SEC violations, and lawsuits similar to their colleague banks during the Great Recession and Financial Crisis of 2008 (WFC, however,...

Coca-Cola 2017

For at least a decade, HII has also engaged Coke (KO) in an ongoing dialogue on a variety of issues, including human rights principles, use of GMOs, health, water, death squads in Columbia, recycling, and climate change. This year, we introduced a resolution calling...


For progressives in this country, the election of Donald J. Trump as the 45th President of the United States came as more than a shock; it created a surreal social and cultural environment that still seems to pervade every waking media hour, especially on the East and...