Our Services

Professional Services For Socially Concerned Investors

At HII, we are committed to providing highly personalized asset management services to investors seeking superior financial results by investing in companies that support positive social change. As a highly experienced SRI advisor, we can help you achieve your long-term financial goals by:

  • Preparing a strategic investment plan, customized to meet your unique financial and social needs, including Retirement Planning, Educational Funding, Risk Management and Charitable Giving
  • Incorporating your personal view of Socially Responsible Investing into every investment decision we make
  • Using diversified asset allocation strategies that meet your needs for growth, income and safety
  • Working diligently to develop a personal relationship with other financial professionals who assist you
  • Participating in shareholder advocacy campaigns to encourage greater environmental and social accountability at public corporations
  • Providing investment opportunities in education, affordable housing, economic development and poverty alleviation